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I Prayed with Longhorns Tonight

March 18, 2009
Keep Austin Weird indeed...

Keep Austin Weird indeed...

I went to our church’s weekly prayer gathering tonight and we had a group of students from Austin, Texas with us.  Ironically, I decided to wear my Texas Tech hat (not knowing they would be there).  I got a few odd looks but it was all good.  You see, people from Austin and people from Lubbock sometimes don’t see eye to eye.  All kidding aside, it has been really cool to see a group of students give up their spring break that they could have spent relaxing almost anywhere come to Omaha, Nebraska of all places to learn more about our church and the Gospel. Really awesome.  Some other thoughts from tonight:

– Towards the end of our time tonight I kept wanting to pray the lyrics of the song “God Bless Texas” for some reason just to be dumb.  I have no idea why.  For those not familiar with the song, here it is:

God Bless Texas

– Actual quote from my friend Andy when he prayed: “Thank you God that you are even bigger then Texas”.  Something to that effect.  Some of the UT students looked puzzled.  As if to say “thats not possible!”.  I thought it was relevant imagery, given the audience.  It was quite comical…

We are flying to Houston to see Shelby’s family in the morning and we couldn’t be more excited!  The past few weeks have felt like we were going 100 mph so it will be nice to unwind a little. The only question is:  Where to eat first?  Taco Cabana or McAlister’s?  Hmm…

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