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The Nightline Debate

March 26, 2009
Tonight @ 10:35 PM CST on ABC

Tonight @ 10:35 PM CST on ABC

I watched it earlier today on the Nightline website.  If you would like to take a look at the full debate also, you can check it out here.

–  I thought it was very interesting to observe the body language of Deepak Chopra change over the course of the debate.  During his opening statement he seemed relaxed and well spoken.  However, as the discussion “evolved” (no pun intended), he seemed to slouch in his chair and his face looked more tense and he seemed more bothered by the discussion and his surroundings.

– Annie Lobert has an amazing story and I was glad that she got to share it.  However, I wish that someone else could have joined the panel with Pastor Mark (he mentioned on one of his blogs he would have preferred D.A. Carson).

– I was a tad disappointed with some of the audience responses and questions that came from people who were in the audience (referring to the ones who believed in Satan’s existence).  Some questions were good, but some seemed unable to detach themselves from their emotions with their questions and came off as a little smug and rude.

– Although he quoted directly from the Bible, which is not a bad thing in and of itself, I wish that Pastor Mark would have gone a little further with his closing statement.  Maybe in a manner similar to his opening statement.

– I thought Chopra came off as very vague with his topics and responses.  He seemed to never be able to answer a question in a direct manner and was very abstract.

– “Bishop” Pearsons is one messed up dude.  He has really fallen away from his faith and exists mainly in his own made up ethic now. How sad…

All in all, I thought that it was a great forum for the story of the Gospel and the name of Jesus to be displayed in an awesome way and, ultimately, I think that was the winner of the night…

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