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School Daze

May 20, 2009


A good buddy of mine sent me this link a while back.  It is an article about public schools in the U.S. The author of this article  is apparently a former New York State Teacher of the Year.   Being a public school teacher myself, I found this article to be quite intriguing.  Even more, I now have a son that I’m responsible to educate in the best, most God-glorifying manner. Most of you probably don’t have the time to read the whole prologue (it is 8 pages long) so I wanted to share some thought provoking quotes that got me thinking.  I don’t agree with all this guy says, but he at least makes you think about our public school system when most of us just passively follow the status quo.

If I demanded you give up your television to an anonymous, itinerant repairman who needed work you’d think I was crazy; if I came with a policeman who forced you to pay that repairman even after he broke your set, you would be outraged. Why are you so docile when you give up your child to a government agent called a schoolteacher?

Where is documentary evidence to prove this assumption that trained and certified professionals do it better than people who know and love them can?

You wouldn’t build a home without some idea what it would look like when finished, but you are compelled to let a corps of perfect strangers tinker with your child’s mind and personality without the foggiest idea what they want to do with it.

Some thoughts I’ve been running through my head include:

  1. What is the purpose of education?
  2. Who is the best educator for a child?
  3. Do our public schools need  more money, reform, or abolishment?

What are your thoughts?

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