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Gabe and the Gospel (pt. 2)

June 25, 2009


Psalm 37:4

Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.

The other day I was pretty anxious/stressed, and at these times  I’m not much fun to be around.  I chew my nails, feel restless, act busy without actually doing anything, fidget, can’t sit still, etc.  It drives my wife nuts, and I can see why.  On this most recent occasion of stress I was holding Gabe and attempting to relieve my stress with the aforementioned outlets. With the knowledge that these techniques are rarely helpful I instead decided to go up  our bedroom to sit and read the Bible. Sadly this is not my common practice for stress, but having just read a study which claimed reading aloud to your child increases their vocabulary I thought I could maybe kill two birds with one stone.  Several minutes into the reading, I peaked down and saw Gabe laying on the pillow, grinning from ear to ear; simply staring at me.  Thinking it was gas I provided the customary response of a returned smile but continued reading. But again, after a few more minutes I peaked down and sure enough, he was gazing into my eyes and smiling.  This can’t be gas I thought, and then it dawned on me…he’s delighted with me. He enjoys my company, the sound of my voice, and listening to what I have to say.  It was definitely what I needed and it sure helped to relieve the anxiety.  More importantly, it reminded me that like Gabe delighting in his father, we as God’s children, are made to delight in our heavenly Father.

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  1. Julie Holz permalink
    June 29, 2009 4:17 PM

    God is always teaching us at the most surprising and happily unique times. Isn’t it wonderful to think He is always there in every moment of our day? Out of the mouths, and smiles, of babe! Mom

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