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Religion Saves + Nine Other Misconceptions: A Review Part 1

June 29, 2009
Religion Saves + Nine Other Misconceptions

Religion Saves + Nine other Misconceptions


Ever had a question that you really wanted to know the answer but thought that the question was too shameful to ask?  Well not anymore.  For Mark Driscoll, I am not sure any topic is out of bounds.  The only topic that he might consider out of bounds would be saying that a topic is out of bounds.  In early 2008, Mark and his church Mars Hill invited people to visit their website and submit questions.  These questions were placed into categories and people were encouraged to vote for which topics they would like to see preached about.  After some 800 topics and more then 343,000 votes, the preaching series and newly released book Religion Saves + Nine other Misconceptions was born.  The Mars Hill team, and Driscoll in particular, should be recognized for such an innovative use of technology and incorporating it into their ministry.  They have blazed many trails in the area and have rightly argued that such technologies should be used to God’s glory, and not just mans.

*Very briefly I wanted to mention why in the world Andy and I are even reviewing this book.  I submitted our blog for review in response to a facebook post from theResurgence fanpage on facebook.  The post said that it was for what they were calling his “blog tour” to coincide with the release of a new Driscoll book.  After about a week we were notified via email that our blog was chosen as one of 80 blogs from hundreds that had been submitted because ” it is authentic, sincere, and you are likely to write a thoughtful review”  and that we were going to be mailed a free copy ahead of the books release.  Score!  God is good all the time…

**I also wanted to note Andy is currently reading the book himself and is planning on writing a separate review of his own.  We thought for the sake of a review independent thought was the way to go.

The Book – Part I

Rather then attempting to reorganize my thoughts from reading through the book, I am going to take a little different approach.  Ever heard of live blogging?  Well I am going to blog this book live and give you my thoughts word for word from my journal as I read the book.  Here we go:

Question 9: Birth Control

  • Driscolls’ use of well-timed humor and quick wisdom are making this book a delight rather then a duty.  So far a very easy read.
  • Driscoll is true to historical accuracy and uses history to provide depth for present day context.
  • The story of Andrea Yates is a VERY difficult one to consider. pg. 31-32
  • The use of many examples where birth control is permissible many people may be able to identify with.  However, if they can’t, it will cause them to reconsider their current course of action.
  • Look to the conclusion for a great chapter summary.
  • Driscoll gives GREAT prayer filled, focused, biblical counsel on a wide variety of issues.  He exhibits the courage to stand up and speak up when all too often other christian leaders choose to be silent and let the non-believers, the world, and evil people take the microphone instead.

Question 8: Humor

  • Very light and easy to read.  Not a burden at all.  You just have to shut the TV off…
  • Makes sense of some time honored scripture that for far too long been interpreted far too narrow.  Especially the scripture Driscoll points out in the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John).
  • This is some funny stuff!  I am reading this as I am waiting for a doctor’s appointment and I am cracking up!
  • Some bounds for what Driscoll does and why he does should be a welcome breath of air to many of his critics.  However, I fear that it won’t be.  I am praying right now that God would change their hearts for the cause of Christ and the sake of the Gospel.

Question 7: Predestination

  • Synergism and monergism.
  • Great use of historical context for how Armenianism and Calvinism came about.
  • An in depth analysis of Romans 8:28 – 10:1 and three questions that are posed from it.
  • Ephesians 1:11-12
  • Quote: “…hell reveals that God is just, whereas the doctrine of predestination reveals that God is merciful.”
  • I love the mass suicide analogy.
  • Chapter extremely positive in nature and by the choice of words Driscoll chooses to use (no pun intended) to explain an often difficult doctrine for many new and non believers to swallow.
  • Great use of scripture to illuminate key points.
  • Chapter closes with a very personal and practical example of predestination.  And also with a sense of desire for peace and comradery between synergists and monergists.  A very deep, heartfelt, rich, and loving chapter.

Check out part II of my review tomorrow.

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