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Garmin GPS and the Gospel

July 8, 2009
Which way will you go?

Which way will you go?

Last Thursday, my wife and I traveled from Omaha, NE to Lubbock, TX.  It is a trip I have undertaken many times over the years and could travel without the use of any maps or directions.  I have traveled the same route each time and I was extremely surprised when my new Garmin GPS was telling me to take a completely different route.  Not only that, but it also had calculated that the course it had was about 100 miles less and would save us almost 2 hours.  Hmm.  After examining the route I was baffled.  This couldn’t be right.  I was full of doubt.  It just seemed to good to be true.

As I came to the crossroads where I could continue on my way or go the way that the device was telling me.  I decided to take a chance, I stepped out in faith, and went the way that the Garmin was telling me to go.

Much to my surprise, we arrived almost precisely when it said that I would.

No big city traffic. Not a single toll to pay along the way.

It was such a great and glorious reminder of the Gospel.

For far too long, in my life, I was committed to living my own way.  I thought it was the best way.  That what I knew and what I wanted was right.  But when I started reading the bible, which is the very word of God, I learned that my was not the right way.  That my route was the path that leads to destruction.  And that the only way to go was to go God’s way and the way that he intended.  His way is completely free. But it is a long journey.

It is the road less traveled.

Much like the christian journey, my new found direction wasn’t without its difficulties.  The scenery seemed plain at times.  There was some pretty poorly maintained roads and lots of bumps.  There were lots of times where the speed limit would change after coming into and out of many of the small towns along the way.  As I proceeded, I was still filled with a sense of doubt.  Was this way really better?  But every time I was questioning or doubting, the GPS was there to let me know that I was going to make it and precisely when it said I would.  As long as I looked to it.

So here is the charge.  Look to the Bible.  Stop looking to yourself all the time.  Are you living life your way or God’s way?  If you claim to be a christian, read the Bible.  Read it more then you watch TV.  See what it has to say.

You might be suprised what you might find

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