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Do We Think That God Is Stupid?

July 27, 2009


We are a culture that loves to compare.  No matter how bad things may seem to get, we can always find someone else that is more messed up then ourselves.  It is a game that we love to play and we all do it.  It gives us some sense of hope that end the end, somehow we will be ok.

But will it?

Listen to the following sermon clip is from (Dr.) Dusty Thompson, lead pastor of Redeemer Church in Lubbock, Texas.

Maybe God isn’t as stupid as we think he is…

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  1. nbliss16 permalink
    July 27, 2009 7:54 PM

    The clip comes from his sermon titled Pottery. The text for the sermon was Jeremiah 18-19 and Romans 9:19-23.

    Extremely hard truth. But truth none the less.

    I encourage you to listen to the entire sermon. You can find all of Redeemers sermons via iTunes.

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