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August 27, 2009


Check out this poll.

And check out this poll.

To put it another way, almost half of all Americans believe in abortion “rights”, while nearly 90% (football fans) believed Michael Vick deserved prison time for his actions.  If I were an alien and landed in America, I’m pretty sure that I would assume that dogs are more important than humans, or at least human babies.  If you doubt this fact, just observe the media and any social conversation regarding Michael Vick.  Unequivocally, Michael Vick is labeled as inhumane.  But, it is deemed rude or unloving to suggest a woman who chose an abortion is inhumane.  I’m not at all defending what Michael Vick did.  I’m not at all condemning women who’ve had abortions.  I’m simply wondering how this happened?? For more reading on this topic, check out this blog.

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