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Who is Your Jury?

March 17, 2010

Donald Miller is one of my favorite authors.  He is well-known for writing  Blue Like Jazz , Searching for God Knows What , and the recently released A Million Miles in A Thousand Years. I recently added his blog to my reader and came across a post that was too good not to pass on to others.   I liked it because I know I am guilty of doing exactly what he describes his friend doing, and I liked it because it is a practical example of how a lack of deep understanding of the Gospel has subtle, yet disastrous, effects on how we live our lives.  Here is an excerpt:

We were designed so our identity would be affirmed in a relationship with God. In other words, my feelings of self-worth do not come from within me, they come from an external source. That source was supposed to be God. But in the fall of man, that relationship was severed (it had to be as God could not mix or mingle with anything opposing him, not because He is a jerk, but because He actually defines what is good in the first place) and so after the fall, we continue to look for affirmation from an outside source, and that source is each other.

He ends with this:

So my question to you is, are you a slave to a jury of your peers? Do you always have to explain why you are right? How much do you care what religious people think of you? When somebody else is wrong, do you jump in quickly to tell them so, making yourself feel righteous? My answer to these questions is yes, I do. Doesn’t that stink? ……… I think we would be a bit more emotionally stable to understand self-righteousness gets us nowhere, and the jury of our peers is neither an accurate or authoritative judge. It really is a waste of your time to defend yourself to anybody but God Himself. And it’s even more of a waste of time to claim any defense other than Christ crucified. Imagine the time and energy we would save if we actually believed this to be true.

Read the whole post here.

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