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25 Things About Nathan…

1. Red is by far my favorite color.
2. You will not find a person who uses … more when they write than me…
3. I have been to China but never to New York.
4. I have a fear (or phobia if you will) of watching someone break a bone.
5. I really don’t care for most holidays. They are just to commercialized and people just use them as an excuse to “party”
6. I always use 2 Kleenexes when I blow my nose.
7. As Shelby was about to walk down the isle, my pastor and I were discussing fantasy football…
8. I can’t stand cats.
9. I love my church, Coram Deo.
10. When I sneeze I almost always do it twice.
11. I don’t work nearly as well when I wear my glasses but I think it may be a mental thing.
12. Even though I went to Texas Tech, Nebraska is by far my #1 team…
13. I have the best wife in the world.
14. My favorite board game is Trivial Pursuit.
15. I used to want to be a football coach.
16. I have learned that many Nebraskan’s are unfamilar with the term “man crush”.  This is very disappointing…
17. Sport I am starting to like more as I get older: boxing.
18. Sport that I am starting to like less as I get older: baseball.
19. I love my job.
20. I grew up going to church but I didn’t become a believer until I was 18.
21. My wife and my son are the best things I have going for me.
22. I have been on an orange soda kick lately.
23. Every time I watch the scene in Field of Dreams where Kevin Costner asks his dad if he wants to have a catch, I cry.
24. I might be the worst speller of all time.
25. I am convinced that the thing that thing that everyone in life needs is to hear the gospel, repent from sin, and believe in Jesus Christ.

You can reach Nathan via email at

25 Things About Andy…

1. I have an unhealthy affection for Friday Night Lights (TV show).
2. I love the public library.
3. My optimism about Obama is becoming more and more cautious.
4.  I start off almost everyday with about ten minutes of alone time with my son, Gabe.  It’s better than coffee.
5. I listen to sermons when I workout.
6. I would like compete in UFC, but I’ve haven’t been in a fight since I was in the 7th grade.
7. My favorite song of all-time is “For the Longest Time” by Billy Joel.
8. I am an excellent weed wacker/edger/trimmer.
9. I often lack confidence.
10. I like wheat beer.
11. Good Will Hunting is my favorite movie of all-time.
12. Even if Katie wasn’t beautiful, submissive, and all the other attributes of a good wife, she would still be my best friend.  I simply enjoy her companionship.
13. I love my church, Coram Deo.
14. I had a huge crush on Carol Vessey (Ed) when I was younger.
15. In 6th grade, I went to a Boyz II Men concert with my parents.
16. If my wife would allow me, I would have named my son Ndamukong Osborne Holz.
17. When I own my own business someday, I am going to make the dress code sweatshirt and sweatpants only.
18. I am incredibly unobservant, and lack any attention to detail.
19. On a vacation once my friend and I chose to watch Sex and the City rather than the NBA Finals. I’m still repenting of that one.
20. I have a small case of Napoleon complex.
21. I like to mix 3/4 Diet Mountain Dew with 1/4 Blue Powerade.
22. I always carry a pack of gum with me.
23. Chipotle’s Barbacoa burrito with pinto beans, cheese, and the spicy red sauce is the best food on the planet.
24. I shot 48% from behind the arc my sophomore year of basketball, according to coach Chuck Wolatz’s statistics.
25. Gabe and Katie beat the Gospel over my head on a daily basis, intentionally and unintentionally, and henceforth are the greatest blessings in my life.

You can reach Andy via email at

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  1. Julie Holz permalink
    May 24, 2010 3:52 PM

    I love your list, Andy. I still remember your sophomore year of basketball. I didn’t know your stats were that good but I remember you making a lot of 3 pointers. I did not remember the Boyz II Men concert. I think that was your Dad’s idea.

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